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Electronic Check Service - With DigiMerchant, accepting checks has never been so convenient and cost-effective. ECS converts all paper checks (consumer and business) into safe, efficient electronic transactions that are processed with the speed and ease of credit card transactions. Gone are the manual check reconciliations, time consuming trips to the bank, and the hassles of check collections.
If your customers want to pay by check, we can reduce or eliminate the chance of you accepting a "bad check". Check Conversion will electronically deposit those funds into your checking account without you having to go to the bank. Check Verification services checks to see if the check writer is on a national "bad check writer" list. Check Guarantee services will insure that you will be paid on the check that is being written to you.

Remote Deposit Capture - With DigiMerchant's remote deposit capture product you can conveniently deposit all checks that you receive into your bank account without ever leaving your office. Our remote deposit capture product also allows you full ACH capabilities, check by phone, web based check payment and recurring payments.

Check Recovery - We offer every merchant a free check recovery service. If you ever deposit a check into your account that is returned for "NSF" we will attempt to collect that check for you free of charge. Our electronic check re-presentment program is successful in collecting 85% of all "NSF" checks.

Electronic Gift & Pre-Paid Cards - Increase Sales, Create Loyalty, Bring New Customers to Your Business.
Electronic Gift Cards increase revenue and attract new customers. They also reduce the fraud and labor associated with paper gift certificates. Our program allows you to select the card design and processing features tailored to your business needs. One of the fastest growing forms of payment today is Gift Cards.
At Digimerchant we have introductory Gift Card packages that start off with as few as 50 cards. If you want a more robust program we can help you create a custom designed card with your business logo and in full color. Gift Cards are a great way to increase sales, create loyalty, bring new people into your store and are a great way to advertise.Risk Management & Fraud Control


Risk Management & Fraud Control - DigiMerchant's network has built-in fraud monitoring and control features to protect your business and your customers' card data. A robust set of risk management and fraud prevention tools are provided.
Customer Service & Voice Authorization

Customer Service & Voice Authorization - Customer support is there whenever you need it. A dedicated and well-trained staff of service professionals operate a 24/7 call center for voice authorization and client assistance.e your paragraph here.

PCI Compliance - The cost of a single data breach to a small business averages $100,000. Are you doing all you can to protect your bottom line and reputation? DigiMerchant's provides friendly online tools that helps you quickly and easily report and maintain compliance.